1. Source of Income

Many of the services that we offer, such as meals and optional activities are being provided by the inhabitants local people of El Paredon. Those providers and their families expect to raise their actual socio-economical level out of such services.

2. Support the Efforts of Conservation

According to the Management Plan of the Sipacate-Naranjo National Park, El Paredon Surf Camp obeys and supports the efforts for the conservation of the Mangrove and all its biodiversity. We believe that through the implementation of sustainable activities, such as those derived from surfing, such efforts can be achieved.

3. Become a Meeting Point for Guatemalan and Foreign Surfers

The waves of the Latin American Pacific Coast (between Mexico and Panama) are worldwide famous. Thousands of surfers are attracted to them every year and our objective is that Guatemala becomes part of this circuit, allowing locals to know foreign surfers and vice versa.