Our property is beachfront, the camp is rustic, we try to keep the natural enviroment and you can connect with this and feel relax. So this place not is for party.We are keeping a limit of people for to feel confortable and enjoy better of possible. So please NOTIFY US AND RECIEVE OUR CONFIRMATION.

Dining Area

We offer space next to our kitchen in where you can enjoy Healthy, clean an lots of food. Most of food are vegetarian but also we offer fresh fish and sea foodNext to this, we have space with couch, low tables and hammoks in where you can rest, red a book or take a drink.

Beachfront Hammock Area

This is the hot spot on the beach, with various hammocks, to chill out and NOW we have a Yoga platform for to enjoy yourself. Perfect for a nap, reading a book, enjoying the sound of the waves, watching the local guys showing you of with some excellent surfing and of course to enjoy our beautiful sunset with a cold beer.

Yoga Platform

Enjoy yoga, in front of the beach in connection with the spirit of the ocean. We offer yoga classes with low price or donation. Our idea is to share. (depending when we have teacher) of course you can enjoy by yourself too.