Surf classes

If you wish to learn to surf, take a surf lesson and feel the thrill of running a wave. We provide you a special soft longboard for beginners, a private teacher and a lycra t-shirt. If you've ever tried to surf, you know how frustrating it can be. What appears to be a simple process is actually full of disheartening challenges. The best way to get introduced into the world of surfing is through personalized private surf instruction. Come let our instructors teach you the fundamentals like paddling, the correctly position on the board, standing up, dropping into waves and riding across them. So you'll be enjoying the thrill!

Board rental

We have an assortment of surfboard rentals available for daily and weekly rental. It includes wax and a lycra t-shirt. For many reasons including your safety, we do not rent to persons just looking to try out the sport on their own. Renters are responsible for any dings, damage or loss of rented equipment.