Naturally, this is a surf camp and surf and all its styles and variations is our religion, but why not try to do something else while you are not surfing (or pretending to). We have discovered that lying under the sun with a great reading is a "good activity", but what about exploring the Mangrove Forest in search for the big turtles or more than 200 species of birds. From July to December you can visit the Marine Turtle Nursery to support its conservation? We're sure our activities will delight you as much as surf does and otherwise you can entertain you with games like Frisbee, beach ball, volleyball, backgammon, chess or cards. Or enjoy the endless beach what it is perfect to take a nice walk.

Paddling the Mangrove Channels

We have kayaks for rent, so a perfect way to explore the canals. Paddle around and enjoy the mangroves, local life at the river edge and the birds. There is the possibility for Pelicans, herons, kingfishers and many other species so go out and find them!

Turtle Tour

We are fortunate to have one of the few places nearby where you can see the big turtles all year around. A local motor boat takes you for 30 minutes over the canals, on you`re way enjoy the mangroves and the birds. It will bring you to a spot where the water has more depth, this is the place where al year around you will find sea turtles that come here to feed and reproduce themselves.

Marine Turtles Release

The National Council for Protected Areas (CONAP) has a Turtle Nursery at just 20meters from our property, and we are always aware of when turtles will be released. You just have to ask us and we will get you in contact with the persons in charge of this activity so you can release your own turtle. Your contribution supports directly the
conservation of this endangered reptile. This activity is available between July and December.